To the very dear Royal Surrogacy family

To The Very Dear Royal Surrogacy Family

We came to you after a complex period and set of experiences. We were wary, exhausted, had no idea what surrogacy really entailed, but determined to expand our family.

We clicked with Ilana from our very first conversation. There was something different about her which was missing from other agencies we’d contacted, and believe us, we’d been through a marathon of meetings and discussions with all of them!

In our first conversation with Ilana, she provided us with information, shed light on the process, but most of all listened to what we wanted. And that’s when we decided to meet her. From that point on, it’s all history: we flew to Tbilisi, which was pretty much all we needed to take care of because Ilana arranged ev-ery-thing else, from a hotel to transportation, recommendations for restaurants, and anything you can imagine that’s needed for a trip.

The next morning, we met with Royal Surrogacy’s professional team. We were very warmly received, and that interaction encouraged us and gave us hope. After meeting the team and asking as many questions as we wanted without feeling rushed in any way, we decided to sign the contract and move forward.

Surrogacy is, by nature, a process with a high level of uncertainty, and surrogacy abroad all the more so, appearing complex and even a bit scary. Throughout, Ilana and the team were available to us, night and day, to answer our questions and even solve situations like the fact that out of sheer excitement, we forgot to bring an adaptor plug for our computer and at 9 PM, there was Ilana fixing it up! All her reports on the pregnancy’s progress were online as well as sent to us close to the time that the results were produced. Complete transparency: it helped keep us calm and sane.

We knew Ilana was closely attentive to our needs, that we were in the best of hands, and if we had any concerns, Ilana was there to double check and get an additional opinion from a medical source as needed. With every conversation, test or consultancy, we realized how impactful our choice of Royal Surrogacy was, because Royal Surrogacy puts professionalism and sensitivity front and center.

If we had to choose just one word to describe Royal Surrogacy, indeed it’d be sensitivity.

Amit joined our family 37 weeks later. A sweet little boy who decided to pop out a little early by surprise and also introduced us to the premature births department. This early birth meant that, unfortunately, we didn’t make it there on time due to technical issues such as flight availability and so on, but we felt reassured knowing that Royal Surrogacy’s team, who we’d already met, was making sure our baby was being properly tested, and not leaving him alone during visiting hours.

We arrived as soon as we could. Once again, Ilana arranged transport, an apartment (part of the contract conditions), a wonderful newborn package, and everything we needed so that we could focus on Amit. Ilana’s expertise gave us peace of mind as we bonded with our wonderful baby.

So, to all you couples wondering about this option, yes, you’ll do well with Ilana and Royal Surrogacy, and we wish you all tons of success and a happy little bundle in your arms as soon as possible.

To Ilana and Royal Surrogacy, we wish you continued success in your dedicated work, and continued uncompromising professionalism so that more and more couples can enjoy the experience of expanding their families and simultaneously becoming part of the Royal Surrogacy family.

With much love and boundless thanks,

The Dagan family: Gil, Mor, Ori, Amit and Gali.