Gay and Single Surrogacy

Many single and same-sex couples want to expand their families. One option of course is surrogacy and Royal is proud of the fact that we are helping so many patients in the LGBTQ community to create families.

The surrogacy process itself is the same for same-sex couples, singles, and any other intended parent. The main difference that needs to be considered is legal aspects which vary per country of destination.  Read on to learn more about the process, regulations, pros, and cons of surrogacy for singles LGBTQ parents.


The woman called a gestational carrier is an amazing person who has successfully built her own family, enjoys being pregnant, and wants to help bring another baby into the world. Obviously, she is not genetically linked to the child that she is planning to carry for you. Instead, Eggs from an egg donor are used to create embryos and then transferred to a surrogate’s uterus.

Taking into account that the carrier is not biologically related to your baby, makes the legal side of the surrogacy process less complex). At all our destinations (Georgia, Israel, Argentina, and the USA) your name(s) are on your child’s birth certificate and the surrogate does not have any rights over the newborn. For sure our team will help you to complete all of the obligatory paperwork to make this happen.

If you want, you can connect with your carrier during and after the pregnancy period. You might bond with their loved ones, too. In addition, this person will help bring your child into the world. So this trust-based connection is a beautiful part of your family-building journey. And with the right person, surrogacy can be a fantastic experience. In case you are still in the phase of consideration, read our blog about 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Journey of Being a Single Parent.


When it comes to choosing a gestational carrier, all intended parents including singles or same-sex couples can decide to ask to become their gestational carrier friend or relative. Although we recommend you trust experienced agencies to match with your surrogate and make your journey comfortable. At Royal Surrogacy, we are intimately familiar with the challenges of finding the ideal surrogate for you from a pool of healthy and charming potential candidates and we are here to link prospective parents with women willing to serve as gestational carriers. In such surrogacy agreements, the gestational carrier is usually paid a negotiated fee. It is also reimbursed for related out-of-pocket expenses. She is fully cognizant of her responsibility. Hence, a very warm and friendly relationship forms among surrogates and intended parents. This kind of bind ensures smooth management of the pregnancy process and the birth of a healthy baby.

It also deserves to be mentioned that surrogates we select at Royal Surrogacy do not have a financial interest only to pursue this journey. They honestly want to help those who are not able to have a child. These women know that everyone deserves a family and do what they can to make intended parents’ dreams come true.


Surrogates selected by Royal Surrogacy are healthy young women who have undergone extensive preliminary examination prior to being approved for our database. They also receive full care and oversight of the highest standards throughout the surrogate pregnancy and postpartum periods. Our close collaboration with selected surrogates not only relates to their medical profiles but is closely linked to their deeper understanding of just how important surrogacy is for the designated parents.

Our surrogates, aged 19-35, should have at least one child (indicating her healthy reproductive history); however, being in a marriage is not obligatory. Surrogate candidates undergo a series of medical and psychological tests to verify their suitability for the procedure. We ensure their optimal health by providing them with medically supervised care from the Royal Surrogacy professional team.

A potential surrogate is evaluated by our coordinators. It gives us a better understanding of her psychological condition and how emotionally mature she is to be fully aware of the significance and importance of surrogacy. She is interviewed thoroughly. The expertise of our coordinators lets us select the surrogates who have relevant qualities for this role. For instance, caring, understanding the intended parents’ feelings, and supporting them make the whole process easier for everyone.

As a rule, Screening of Gestational Carriers consists of the following:

  • Reproductive system screening
  • Psychological and medical testing
  • Medical records check-up
  • Several blood tests (hormonal and infectious disease screening (syphilis, hepatitis B, C, and HIV) and Ultrasound check-ups
  • PCR testing due to COVID-19 and vaccination requested.

A screening process like this is the best way to reduce obstacles for the carrier and your child. 


Royal Surrogacy has been helping the LGBTQ+ community become parents for years. We bring a tremendous amount of experience to surrogacy, which is a highly complex process by nature. Enormous efforts of planning, coordination and legal aspect regulations go into each surrogacy journey. However, the Royal Surrogacy team serves intended parents almost 24/7 and is balancing the quality and price of each program.

Here’re three things you should seek in an agency as a gay or single parent-to-be:

  1. Ability to protect your rights. Royal Surrogacy’s accomplished legal team helps confirm that your parental rights are affirmed and safeguarded. So we’re here to help you become a parent.
  2. Experience working with LGBTQ+ individuals. Our legal staff is experienced in the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and stays educated as to the laws change. Additionally, each country has specific laws and regulations for same-sex IPs. Working with an agency with this level of expertise in law ensures a successful and positive for intended parents. However, we always recommend our clients to have their attorneys in their homeland.
  3. Support and partnership throughout the entirety of your journey. Larger surrogacy agencies such as Royal can provide intended parents full-service support throughout their journey. For example, Royal employs accountants, program managers, lawyers, and social workers all under one roof. It allows intended parents to have their journeys managed by one team at one agency. And also requires the involvement of a lawyer only from your country based on which country are you from.


There are many important legal issues with using a gestational carrier if you are a same-sex couple or single parent. The laws governing such cases differ from country to country. But, don’t let this get in your way of becoming a parent. However, it is essential to hire a knowledgeable attorney specialized in surrogacy for gay couples or single parents. They will draft contracts (where the responsibilities of you and your surrogate will be written), provide legal counsel, and coordinate processes based on your country’s regulations. Royal Surrogacy can refer patients to experienced attorneys and legal practices that specialize in third-party reproduction.

Take into consideration that we offer surrogacy programs in Argentina and the USA where it is legal to have a baby with the help of a gestational carrier even if you are a single or same-sex couple. Argentina has a very liberal attitude towards all types of surrogacy whether it is for married couples or singles of any gender and sexual orientation. Thus, their law allows such kind of surrogacy. However, when it comes to the US, laws differ from state to state.

Bringing a child into your family through surrogacy is one of the greatest joys you can feel. Not only will you have the baby you’ve dreamed of, but if you want to, you’ll also bond with your gestational surrogate – and her family– that is like no other. Surrogacy is a wonderful way to have the family you desire. Over the last years, Royal Surrogacy has worked hard to develop a process that guarantees a baby for those who dream of a family. As a result, we have a high success rate for bringing home a baby.

Surrogacy is an attractive option for same-sex parents who are ready to expand their families. This path to parenthood allows members of the LGBTQ+ community to fulfill their parenting dreams while maintaining a genetic link to their children.