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Completing your family through surrogacy is one of the greatest moments you can experience. Through surrogacy you can have the family you have always desired. Royal Surrogacy has made its best over the last years to provide a process that guarantees a baby for those who wish to complete their family. Therefore, we have a high success rate for bringing a child home.

We have established a specialized, efficient process for creating families throughout surrogacy. You will receive several benefits and services once you choose joining us.

What Our Agency Provides

We have established a specialized, efficient process for creating families throughout surrogacy. You will receive several benefits and services once you choose joining us.

Respected Agency

When it becomes clear that surrogacy is the path to parenthood, trying to manage the complexities of this journey on your own is highly difficult. Working with a reputable agency provides expertise and guidance to ensure the most safe, legal, and cost-effective approach to surrogacy. An agency should educate you on all aspects of surrogacy before matching and assist throughout the entire process to ensure all parties are always supported.

One-of-a-kind Process

Our screening and matching process is a unique one benefiting both parents and surrogates. The screening process usually involves psychological screening, review of the medical records, and a surrogate’s background check. We do our best to ensure great matches of intended parents and surrogate suitable for each other. Furthermore, we tailor and personalize our programs to the individual needs of our clients to make the whole process transparent and trouble-free for all parties involved.

Highly Standard Clinics

One of the essential keys to our success rate is the quality of the clinics we choose for our surrogacy process. Royal Surrogacy has adopted an extremely strict policy, whereby we only work with carefully selected fertility clinics which are led by a team of renowned specialists and are outfitted with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment.

A Team of Committed Experts

Royal Surrogacy has a great staff of surrogacy experts who have been working with us for decades and providing incredible efforts to support both surrogates and parents. Fortunately, we have dealt with every possible issue and have successfully diverted all the potential bumps that can emerge through this journey.

Happy Surrogates, Happy Parents

At Royal Surrogacy, we are familiar with the challenges to find the ideal surrogate from a pool of charming potential candidates. In surrogacy agreements, the surrogate is fully cognizant of her responsibility. Hence, a friendly relationship forms between surrogates and intended parents which will ensure smooth management of the pregnancy process and the birth of a healthy child. It should also be noted that surrogates we choose at Royal Surrogacy do not pursue this journey for the financial interest only. They truly want to help those who can’t have a child.

Trusted Transport Service

At Royal Surrogacy, we supply you with our trustworthy transportation service. It will help you manage all the necessary documentations and permissions to ensure smooth, safe transport. You will be kept posted and notified about the date of the genetic materials delivery. To conclude, the surrogacy journey is quite complex and has several aspects to consider before deciding to pursue it. However, if you find a professional team to help you through this journey, you can stay calm. 

Expert Legal Counsel

Throughout pregnancy and delivery, various legal considerations should be evaluated. Our legal team helps confirm that your parental rights are affirmed and safeguarded. We are here to help you be a parent. If you are a same-sex couple or single parent, you may face various legal issues with using a surrogate. Our experienced legal team in the rights of the LGBTQ+ community usually stays tuned to the law’s changes.

Supporting LGBTQ

One option for single and same-sex couples who want to expand their families is surrogacy. Royal Surrogacy is proud that we help many clients in the LGBTQ community to create families.

Remote Capabilities

Royal Surrogacy has great expertise in providing surrogacy solutions abroad especially in Georgia, Israel, Argentina, and the USA. The agency has a good reputation for its high success rate.