IVF clinics and Birth Hospitals

When you’re trying to start your family and get pregnant, but it’s taking longer than you had hoped, you may feel frustrated, angry, and a little bit disappointed too. Seeing posts about baby announcements on social media can make you even sadder and you may wonder why pregnancy comes so quickly to others.

We know that struggling with fertility can be challenging. There may be days when you even think to give up on the idea of having a child. However, there are numerous ways to make this dream come true, and all of them are possible (you just need to find the right fit for you). One of these ways is surrogacy and conceiving a child through IVF. Moving forward with a surrogate is a personal and quite sensitive decision. However, those who choose this journey have gone on to have marvelous families.

So, today we will talk about the IVF treatment, what it means, how we choose decent IVF clinics and birth hospitals for you and our surrogates.


IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is currently one of the most common techniques for treating fertility problems.

When IVF is conducted under optimal laboratory settings, the sperm’s fertilization of the eggs takes place externally. This alternative emulates the natural procedure usually occurring in the woman’s fallopian tubes. The procedure begins with the extraction of mature eggs from the woman’s body or from an egg donor. These are fertilized by sperm cells under strictly supervised laboratory conditions. The fetus is then transferred to the surrogate’s uterus simultaneously to the surrogate receiving supportive hormonal therapy. One complete cycle of IVF takes about 4-6 weeks. However, sometimes these steps are divided into distinct parts, and the method can take longer.

IVF, initially designed to help women with obstructed or absent fallopian tubes, is now the go-to solution for a diversity of single or multiple conditions including ovulation disorders, complex sperm disorders, endometriosis, hormonal imbalances, and of course a combination of simultaneous disorders

At Royal Surrogacy, we help intended parents understand how IVF works. As a result, the process is transparent and clear for every party involved.


The quality of the clinics we choose for our surrogacy process is key to our success rate. We diligently examine every aspect of a clinic to ensure the highest standards. We will only work with clinics having expertise, experience and state-of-the-art equipment, and which are led by a team of renowned specialists.  The quality of the clinic staff’s expertise, accrued medical experience and quality of their equipment shape the parameters of surrogacy success and the birth of healthy babies.  Clinics we collaborate with perform medical procedures such as sperm testing, egg retrieval, IVF, embryo creation, freezing, and embryo transfer to the surrogate.

The medical centers we work with are outfitted with the latest in innovative and up-to-date equipment in the field according to state-of-the-art Western standards. The medical staff includes English-speaking doctors and specialists from the full range of professional medical disciplines, including fertility, embryology, etiological diagnosis, and more.

So, here are some of the most crucial aspects we take into consideration before collaborating with IVF clinics:

  • SUCCESS RATE – An IVF clinic must have a minimum of 500 cycles annually to be chosen by our agency. This clearly demonstrates the high qualification of the staff members and the standards the clinic follows.
  • FERTILITY DOCTORS – It is of utmost importance to collaborate with doctors who are involved in scientific work and take part in international conferences. ESHRE – the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology is an umbrella organization that collaborates globally and advocates universal improvements in scientific research and harmonization in clinical practice. Our priority is to cooperate with doctors who have experience with this organization.
  • EMBRYO LABORATORY – It is vital for the IVF process to safely store frozen biological materials like sperm, eggs, and embryos. Thus, we take into consideration the standard of embryo labs and only collaborate with the top-ranked ones.
  • EMBRYOLOGISTS – These professionals must have strong practical and theoretical knowledge to be selected by us. They should be involved in infertility treatment and reproductive research. Therefore, they need a solid knowledge/theoretical understanding of human reproductive biology, embryology, and have practical skills necessary to perform delicate procedures needing full attention from them. At royal surrogacy, we only cooperate with embryologists who have a sound scientific background. A primary degree in the life sciences is a must—at least one year of supervised hands-on practical training on the job. One needs good hand-eye coordination and excellent spatial and motor skills. Your eggs/sperm and embryos are microscopic and need to be treated with love and respect.  The success of IVF depends upon obsessive attention to detail and each embryo needs to be treated as an individual patient.

At Royal Surrogacy, we offer the surrogacy process at leading medical centers with a long track record of consistently high quality. Since the health care facility holds a vital role in the surrogacy process, we believe that the couple should choose the place that’s best for them, guided by our professional advice.


Childbirth is a pure moment for every parent therefore birth Hospitals used by Royal surrogacy include prenatal and neonatal wards providing the full range of care required by the newborn. In addition, we try to make your journey even more amazing and give you the opportunity to stay in a private, comfortable room with the newborn until discharge from the hospital.

Our selection is based on several key factors:

  • INNOVATIVE ADVANCED MEDICAL CAPABILITIES – ensuring evidence-based medicine decisions and second opinion options.
  • PRETERM AND NEONATAL WARDS – excluding the need to refer the newborn to another facility in case of ICU need.
  • HIGH BIRTH RATE – collaborating with the birth hospitals with an annual rate of more than two thousand children.
  • HIGHLY EXPERIENCED STAFF – qualified medical professionals (nurses, midwives, and Obstetric gynecologists) able to manage any emergency situation based on up to date ensuring the peace of mind of intended parents and the surrogate.
  • ADDITIONAL BENEFITS – As it has been stated before, at Royal Surrogacy, we spare no effort to make the whole journey of surrogacy comfortable for our clients. We also offer VIP services and choose birth hospitals where providing them is possible, for instance, VIP wards for intended parents.

In conclusion, we understand that surrogacy is a complex process and it has many sides that intended parents may worry about including IVF and childbirth.  At Royal Surrogacy, you can lay back and trust us in everything. We tailored our services and programs to our client’s needs and subconscious fears to have the best surrogacy experience.