Supervision plan of surrogates

Given all the financial, logistical, legal, medical, and emotional components the surrogacy process can seem difficult initially.  It is understandable why in surrogacy, one of the most frequently discussed topics is the supervision plan during a surrogate’s pregnancy. Intended parents are always interested in what exactly will happen after their child is conceived and how the process is managed for them since they are not physically there.

So, to give you a clearer and better understanding of the whole journey, we will describe the steps of the 9-month supervision plan we have at Royal Surrogacy for our clients and surrogates.

Looking after the surrogate is like taking care of any pregnant woman, but with more attentiveness and carefulness. For us, it is of utmost importance to keep parents posted, provide regular updates following each check-up of the surrogate, and generally have transparency of the process. It is crucial to inform intended parents about even small details or changes while their surrogate is waiting for the baby. Our clients should feel that even though they are not physically with the surrogate, they are involved in each step of the pregnancy, and have all the needed information along the way. A decent agency informs intended parents regularly about the condition and health of a surrogate.


The pregnancy follow-up process is a critical phase and there is an enormous responsibility for doctors. At Royal Surrogacy, we supervise surrogates during the whole journey, starting from her selection, embryo transfer, pregnancy, delivery, and support even in the postpartum period. It is our priority to monitor the surrogate’s pregnancy and make sure she has everything she might need for her peace of mind.

Surrogate takes prenatal vitamins like folic acid, calcium, and iron – from the very start.  Your baby’s neural cord, which becomes the brain and spinal cord, develops within the first month of pregnancy, so the surrogate should get essential nutrients.  Our coordinators make sure that your surrogate eats healthy, stays hydrated, gets moving, reduces stress, sleeps well, and so on. Nevertheless, we do not need to check if she is drinking alcohol or is a secondhand smoker as Royal has strict selection criteria for surrogates. Please take a look at your blog about the selection criteria of surrogate mothers. Since It is also crucial for a surrogate to have the support of her family and loved ones, especially if she is in a committed relationship, during at-home visits, our coordinators also talk with the spouse of the surrogate.

Supervision starts at the IVF clinic, where the same fertility doctor manages the process, and ends at highly qualified and well-known private birth hospitals. 

When it is time to give birth (normally, it is from 38th to 40th week) the surrogate is forwarded for monitoring at the birth hospital, specifically to the obstetrician. However, at royal surrogacy, we start this process in the 36th week of pregnancy.

Taking into account that the Royal team managed numerous pregnancies with these medical teams, the relationship lasted for years. By creating a continuous chain of care of surrogates, all components are interlinked, ensuring smooth implantation of the program.


The importance of the screening process and careful monitoring is unquestionable for the safety of the surrogate and your child. After pregnancy confirmation and the first heartbeat of your baby, the pregnant surrogate is examined according to the medical guidelines approved by the destination country’s Ministry of Health. Additionally, we are requesting several tests based on the inner protocols.

Here are some lab tests and ultrasounds that your surrogate will undergo during pregnancy: CBC, coagulation, hormonal and urine tests, regular ultrasound check-ups, urine bacteriological, and Beta streptococcus testing of smear. To make sure the baby is healthy additionally, we order Double and Triple tests and Biophysical profile check-ups, Cardiotocography, and Ultrasound examination with Doppler. Obviously, we are sending the results of all the tests to you in English and our medical team is available 24/7. If there is even the slightest change in the situation, such as a new symptom, we respond immediately and If it is needed, we conduct additional examinations. If the Interference of a doctor is required, we inform the intended parents immediately and decide next steps jointly with a highly qualified and experienced local or international medical team.

If the couple wants to have a second opinion, we can arrange two doctors to manage the pregnancy – one from the US and the other from the country of destination. Nevertheless, it is up to you whether you want to choose this scheme. We discuss it with our clients only, individually.


At Royal Surrogacy, the surrogacy database is carefully assembled only after testing and preparation processes. The surrogates are young and charming women aged only 19-35 who undergo a long series of medical and psychological tests. We work with surrogates who are not driven solely by economic considerations but see their connection with the surrogacy process as a real mission. Equally important is the fact whether the surrogates undergo psychological tests and personality tests, and if they fully understand the weight placed on their spoons. However, if the psychotherapist is needed before the child’s birth, they can be involved in the process. Besides, our experienced coordinators are so skilled that they easily see when emotional support is needed and make corresponding steps for it.


Beyond medical aspects pertaining to the fetus or fetuses, it is important to provide a comprehensive answer to all needs of the surrogate. The agency should take care of the surrogate all the way, meet all her needs to make her feel comfortable, provide what she wants and assist her. It should include clothing, footwear, travel, shopping, babysitting services, etc. when needed. The peace of mind and calmness of the surrogate during pregnancy affect the success of the procedure. Reliable and good agencies take care of their surrogates even on the day after birth.


And here it comes! The most exciting part of the whole surrogacy journey. The stage where you and your partner realize that you are super close to making your dreams come true and are about to meet your beloved baby. It is a dramatic moment, and as with any pregnancy, when reaching the finish line, the tension is at its peak.

It is important to make sure that the surrogate receives close and professional medical care from the moment she is admitted to the emergency department of women in the hospital, through her transfer to the delivery room, and ending with the management of the birth. The professionalism of the medical staff must be correspondent with their ability to analyze different situations and give them solutions. For example, the on-time decisions on cesarean section, and the like. Request information regarding the maternity ward at the designated hospital. A professional and quality agency will provide all details with full transparency.

All in all, taking the best care of your surrogate while she carries your long-awaited baby is our responsibility. We always make every effort to ensure your peace while you and your partner are away. We look after your surrogate and your child so that everyone feels safe, comfortable, and happy with the process.