Surrogacy in Argentina is one of the options for singles, same-sex (gay couples), and married or non-married hetero couples. Argentina has gained a name for being a warm home for couples worldwide seeking surrogacy.

Argentinians are known to be highly tolerant towards others, taking other people’s sexual tendencies, religions, and ethnic origins in stride. The local population is warm and embracing, and a stay in Argentina is always a pleasant experience. Over 7 million tourists visit Argentina each year, enjoying the range of hosting solutions of all levels. Among them are top-class options within the vicinity of medical clinics.

ELIGIBILITY – Singles, same-sex (gay couples), and married or non-married hetero couples.

THE LEGAL FRAMEWORK – Argentina is one of the few countries offering surrogacy solutions to single parents or same-sex couples. This openness towards gender is anchored in law and also accords with the liberal nature of the country and its people. Argentina’s liberal legal system is excellent for surrogacy processes. Babies born there, including through surrogacy, are entitled to an Argentinian passport and therefore, citizenship. Argentina’s National Law on Assisted Fertility was passed by the senate in 2017.

ADVANCED MEDICAL CENTERS – Argentina, and particularly its capital, Buenos Aires, hold leading medical institutions in the field of reproductive treatment. These include in vitro clinics which have become a top destination among South American countries. Staffed by English speakers, these clinics have developed an excellent reputation. Medical institutions are outfitted with the best that technology has to offer when it comes to the field of reproduction and fertility.

A WIDE RANGE OF SURROGATES AND EGG DONORS – Argentina, with its population of some 45 million, and beautiful women, offers a vast pool of candidates for egg donations and surrogacy. The Surrogate does not have any rights in relation to the baby’s which she will give birth to the Intended parent. Before embryo transfer takes place surrogate signs a contract with parents stating that she has no pro-creational will. According to this contract intended parents are the legal parents of the baby. A birth certificate will be issued with the names of the intended parents.  Egg and sperm donations are anonymous in Argentina so there is no database where parents could see the pictures of the potential candidates. The selection of egg donors is based on the main parameters, characteristic parents would like to have their egg donor.