5 Reasons Why Argentina Is the Best Surrogacy Travel Destination For Single and LGBTQ Intended Parents

5 Reasons Why Argentina Is the Best Surrogacy Travel Destination For Single and LGBTQ Intended Parents

Deciding to follow a path of surrogacy or IVF can be challenging and is indeed one of the toughest choices a couple or a single can ever make. People who struggle to conceive a child naturally, are in a homosexual relationship, or want to have a baby without a partner have to overcome many difficulties. Thus, when they finally decide to receive support from a surrogacy agency, we, from our sides, must do everything to make this journey pain-free. Having a baby with third-party assistance is very sensitive for many people and, when the process takes place in another country, it can be hard mentally for intended parents as they have to think about even more aspects of the journey. So, we make sure that our clients trust us and feel comfortable on this beautiful path of making their dream come true.

That is why we chose Argentina as one of our surrogacy destinations. This country has to offer so much, and we want our patients to have it all. Surrogacy is a social reality in Argentina and practiced for many years. Their experience allows gay couples to become parents since Argentina was the first country in Latin America to recognize the homo-parental family and same-sex marriage back in 2010.

The Surrogate does not have any rights in relation to the baby to which she will give birth to the IPs. The surrogate signs a contract (before embryo transfer) with the Intended parents stating that she has no procreational will. According to this document, IPs are the legal parents of the baby and a birth certificate will be issued to their names. According to the laws of the state of Argentina, a surrogate is not registered as the “mother” of the baby on the birth certificate.

In Argentina, fertility and artificial insemination treatments have been implemented for decades. The country is equipped with very advanced fertility clinics. Nevertheless, nothing prevents couples or individuals from resorting to these practices. The donation of biological materials is generally anonymous. Moreover, the government provides in-vitro treatment for locals.

Today’s blog will tell you what makes Argentina one of the best destinations for surrogacy travel and share the experience of our managing partner, Tamari Kachlishvili  MD. MPH when she visited the country.

“Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, you feel a different energy, noise, and movement. The very first impression is positive. You realize that you are in a different world – a country where they love music, having fun, and being in a beautiful mood. There is such an atmosphere! You realize that you made the right choice when you decided to start your program in this country.”

Tamari Kachlishvili MD. MPH

  1. It is LGBTQ+ Friendly

As we have already mentioned above, same-sex marriage is legal in Argentina and gay couples can easily have a child in this country. Thus, Argentina is a desirable destination for the LGBTQ+ community. Moreover, egg donors are perfectly fine with donating their biological materials to same-sex couples and surrogates are more than happy to carry their children. In addition, they are asked in advance if they are willing to help people with non-traditional sexual orientation so that the process is smooth for intended parents in the future.

  1. Legal Aspect

We know that surrogacy and egg donation are already quite complex and involve many aspects that should be taken care of and well thought through. Consequently, our coordinators try to manage everything very efficiently – so you do not have to. It is especially true when it comes to the legal side of this journey.

Our legal team established excellent communications with embassies in Argentina. It is vital for the newborn to obtain all the necessary documents, from birth certificate to passport, so their parents do not have to worry about anything.  After birth, the child gets citizenship in Argentina and a passport, which distinguishes it from other countries where surrogacy also takes place. Besides, the parents’ first and last names are written on the birth certificate and not the surrogate’s name. It helps intended parents avoid additional steps needed to remove the surrogate’s name from the documents.

Our partner agency in Argentina is also very knowledgeable about the country’s laws regarding birth through surrogacy. It means that professionals will take care of the legal aspect of the journey, and you can be laid back throughout the whole process.


“There are a lot of bureaucracies in Argentina. Hence, every paperwork is prepared in detail before the procedures and after them. Patients have to sign quite a lot of paperwork, but all this is to ensure no problem with the paperwork after birth.”

Tamari Kachlishvili MD. MPH

  1. Comfort and Luxury

When people think about surrogacy travel, they feel that it is all about surrogacy and only having a baby. While it is true, you should not miss out on the other thing – travel. Visiting our destination country should be energetic, full of experiences, exciting, yet convenient. You can take advantage of it and get to know the local people, taste some delicious dishes, and travel.

To make this journey more pleasant for you, we offer some of the best and most luxurious hotels in the center of Buenos Aires. The hotel you will stay at has four stars and delivers everything you may need to be comfortable and at ease in the city center. Our driver will take you to the hotel when you arrive at the airport. We try our best to make sure your experience is excellent from the moment you step into the land of your destination country.

  1. Outstanding Maternity Hospitals and Fertility Clinics

The child’s birth is undoubtedly the most exciting part of the surrogacy journey. No wonder every intended parent wants this process to be highly struggle-free for their surrogate, as she is the person who is going to make their dreams of having a baby come true. Every parent tries to pick the best maternity hospital for their child’s birth. That is why we are aligned on this goal with intended parents – we want the best for you too.

Our agency offers one of the best maternity hospitals in Buenos Aires for the birth of your baby. The hospital attracts patients with its multifunctionality and modernity. Here your surrogate and the baby will be taken care of the best. What is more, we have partnerships with fertility clinics with the most success rates. For example, one of our fertility centers is founded and run by Dr. Nicolas Neuspiller – the founding father of IVF in Argentina. He created the first embryo with IVF in his country in the 1985s and continues to help couples from anywhere around the world.

 “During the visit to the clinic, I felt the pleasant fuss of the medical staff. Dr. Neuspiler told me about many years of his experience and shared the knowledge, experience, and history he created in Argentina for decades. With his help, more than 10,000 children have been born, and despite his age, he is miraculously energetic. My next stop was at an egg and sperm bank. Infinitely large quantities of frozen biological materials are stored there. The team is constantly working to find donors and promote ethical advertising. For them, it is not perceived as a business. On the contrary, it is a calling to help patients in Argentina and internationally. A particular order distinguishes all the medical institutions involved in implementing the programs.”

Tamari Kachlishvili MD. MPH

  1. Trustworthy Agencies

We have partnered up with the Argentinian surrogacy agency to make the miracle of having a baby possible for you. Making friends with a local agency is a practical step toward simplifying the surrogacy processes in a whole new country.

Jointly we provide consulting services to future mothers and fathers in Latin America who need to go to foreign countries to carry out a surrogacy process. Through our platform, they provide all the necessary information, coordination, and assistance so that future parents can choose the most appropriate country and clinic to have their children. It saves themselves many problems abroad.

There are many reasons why you should choose Argentina as your destination country for IVF and surrogacy. However, no matter which one is the key for you, we at Royal Surrogacy strive to make the entire journey the best.

By Dina Jaoshvili