How To Avoid Frauds During Surrogacy – Most Common Frauds Of Surrogacy Agencies

How To Avoid Frauds During Surrogacy - Most Common Frauds Of Surrogacy Agencies

Surrogacy is not an overnight decision and should therefore not be made lightly and with insufficient information. Most couples who choose surrogacy have already had their fair share of pain and suffering following countless fertility treatments, as well as psychological distress and disappointment. This is truly an exhausting emotional and physical roller coaster.

When people set out on the complex journey for choosing the most suitable surrogacy company, they often receive many attractive price quotes. While they may seem to offer a complete package, such organizations often serve as little more than agents.

Sadly, they may even be taking cynical advantage of the couple’s sensitive medical and emotional state. They offer prices that are low – too low – and envelop them in groundless promises of luxurious clinics or attractive-looking contracts with numerous terms and limitations written in the small print.

This happens simply because couples are not always aware of what this really means. In fact, so-called attractive prices could render couples spending vast amounts of money, even without achieving their desired outcome: An extended family.

So exactly what are we talking about? For example, these agencies often refer clients to clinics in developing countries, passing them off as American hospitals when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. They may lack facilities for dealing with medical emergencies and demand extra payment for a range of services. These additional expenses cause the overall price to spike, when in fact they should have been part of the original price quote.

Royal Surrogacy assists couples throughout the surrogacy procedure. Royal Surrogacy is not an agent. We collaborate with leading professionals and experts in the field, to provide our clients with the most comprehensive surrogacy services.

The following issues are of the utmost importance when dealing in surrogacy, and should be addressed prior to choosing a surrogacy company, in Eastern Europe’s Georgia or elsewhere.

How are the surrogates recruited?
Surrogate recruitment is a critical stage in the surrogacy process. Unlike various agencies, Royal Surrogacy only recruit’s surrogates following a very thorough procedure that includes medical supervision. Almost 40% of candidates are not recruited as they do not meet our strict and uncompromising requirements in all relevant areas.

Is the surrogate cared for?
While surrogates do receive payment for taking on this role, money is not the only factor involved. A successful surrogacy process ensures that the surrogate receives excellent care throughout the pregnancy and after the birth.

Unlike many other agencies, Royal Surrogacy provides its surrogates with comprehensive medical services, psychological support, and financial assistance. This also includes insurance that is often lacking in cheaper surrogacy deals.

Is the embryo implantation process supervised by medical teams?
The embryo implantation process is of the utmost importance and must be performed by highly experienced professionals, including embryologists and laboratory managers.

At Royal Surrogacy, all implantation procedures are conducted by renowned specialists and are included in the initial cost, regardless of the number of embryos implanted during the procedure.

Who is the medical team and where is the process conducted?
Agencies often reduce their expenses by referring couples to inexpensive clinics. While these may claim to specialize in the field of fertility, they do not always comply with strict international standards and regulations.

Royal Surrogacy has adopted an extremely strict policy, whereby we only work with carefully selected fertility clinics. Couples are welcome to learn more about these clinics, including their vast experience, excellent medical care, and personalized services. We do not charge additional fees for referring clients to these high-end clinics, because our default is to offer the best possible options.

What happens if a pregnancy is terminated?
Pregnancy is a challenging time and challenges can be expected. In cases where the pregnancy is terminated, Royal Surrogacy enables couples to begin a new procedure. Other agencies, on the other hand, may charge significant fees of thousands of dollars for “starting over.”

Does the price cover pregnancy tests and medical responsibility?
When choosing an organization to carry out a surrogacy service, you need to make sure that the price includes all pregnancy tests that are necessary for maintaining the health of both the surrogate and the fetus. Spend time clarifying whether it is the agency or external parties who bear the related medical responsibility.

At Royal Surrogacy, medical responsibility is part of our standard service. We cover the costs of strict pregnancy-related examinations, including tests conducted to ensure the health and progress of the pregnancy, and bear full medical responsibility. These components are included in the initial price and do not cost extra.