Royal Surrogacy was the right place for us

Royal Surrogacy was the right place for us

We met Ilana by coincidence. We were on the verge of signing a contract with a different company when someone told me about Ilana, and right away put us in touch. My husband flew out to meet her. Beyond the professionalism, knowledge and credibility she showed, Ilana had answers for every one of our dozens of questions. Clear, concise, professional responses.

Instantly I realized that Ilana’s baseline was authenticity, sourced in her own painful past. I knew I had a real partner in this journey, someone who’d understand me, who’d contain me, who’d feel what I, too, was going through.

From my perspective, that was the added value. I was Ilana’s first Israeli client at her international company, “Royal Surrogacy,” and even though everyone around me in Israel worried, I knew I was in the best of hands.

Things moved ahead quickly. We signed the contract, a surrogate was found within days, and the first attempt at impregnation took place within a month. We were thrilled that our sweet baby began to develop from the very first attempt, which just shows the level of professionalism at Royal Surrogacy.

Taking this journey with Ilana was amazing. She knew how to support us every step of the way. She was there to lean on, she checked up on the surrogate constantly, making sure she took the tests and that things were moving ahead properly, and the doctors were the best in their field.

We were incredibly excited when we arrived for the birth. We were so tense but Ilana simply held our hand, went through the experience with us, and took care of us. Our little boy remained hospitalized for another 10 days but Ilana never left the hospital, making sure things were developing properly, checking with the doctors, explaining everything to us, and helping with the various procedures. It was incredible: we felt at home, we felt like we were with family.

Without a doubt Royal Surrogacy was the right place for us to go through this emotional experience. I know that when I want another child, Ilana will be my go-to contact. Anyone carrying out surrogacy through Royal Surrogacy will be pleased at the professionalism, the sensitivity, the dependability and so much more. Royal Surrogacy has sufficient options to suit everyone, it doesn’t demand fees that aren’t truly necessary, and every move is filled with love and care.

Dear Ilana, this is my opportunity to thank you deeply for the light in our lives… for helping us bring our sweet little boy into our world.

With love to you — Gil, Rivka, Avraham and the Larze’s girls.