Surrogacy in the USA is one of the best options for singles, same-sex (gay couples), and married or non-married hetero couples. The USA undeniably is the safest, most humane, most legal, most transparent, and the most surrogacy-friendly country in the world.

Royal Surrogacy has earned a reputation for a higher success rate. We are the only agency that operates out of hospitals and maintaining close collaboration and excellent relations with local medical staff. Our company conforms to policies and protocols drafted by leading experts in the field and years of cumulative experience.

ELIGIBILITY- Singles, same-sex (gay couples), and married or non-married hetero couples.

THE LEGAL FRAMEWORK – The USA has a two-tier legal system, it includes federal law and state law. Surrogacy falls under family law, which is at the state level. The laws are different from state to state.

ADVANCED MEDICAL CENTERS – There are about 480 fertility clinics, 100+ sperm banks, an unknown number of egg donors, and surrogacy agencies over there.  US fertility clinics are recognized as the best worldwide, the medical staff has years of successful experience, offers state-of-the-art fertility treatments to national and international patients.

A WIDE RANGE OF SURROGATES AND EGG DONORS – egg donor programs are among the most successful in terms of results and success rates, providing an efficient, high-quality, and cost-effective solution for Intended parents in need of egg donation. You can be matched with a surrogate who is already medically and psychologically checked and ready for the surrogacy journey.