Our Surrogacy programs

Family building sometimes requires IVF with the use of a gestational carrier

A surrogate is a woman who agrees to bear a child for another woman incapable of carry a baby due to several medical conditions. Also it may be the only option for men or women not having a partner but wishing to be a genetically linked with their child. Moreover, Royal is proud of the fact that we are helping so many patients in the LGBTQ community to create families.

Our Surrogacy programs:

  • Own egg and sperm gestational surrogacy
  • Egg donation and own sperm gestational surrogacy
  • Double donation gestational surrogacy
  • Surrogacy with 2 surrogates
  • Life birth egg donation surrogacy Guaranteed plan

Our IVF programs:

  • Own egg and sperm IVF cycle without surrogacy
  • Egg donation and own sperm IVF cycle without surrogacy
  • Double donation IVF cycle without surrogacy

Own egg and sperm gestational surrogacy– The program designed for the couples having need of a surrogate but able to provide own biological materials to create an embryo. Royal helps to match with suitable surrogate in 2-3 months’ period.

Egg donation and own sperm gestational Surrogacy – Intended parents having need of an egg donation and surrogate assistance simultaneously to create an embryo. Here comes our incredible and carefully assembled egg donors and surrogate’s data base

Double donation gestational surrogacy– If the intended parents need an egg and sperm donor at the same time, we can implement those programs too. It may take a little bit more time but dedicated team will manage the program in the country allowing it legally.

Surrogacy with 2 surrogates – Sometimes parents wants to have 2 surrogate simultaneously, which obviously is achievable. Specially designed program fits to some intended parents and is a great option to quickly got a big family.

Life birth egg donation surrogacy Guaranteed plan – This specific plan has 2-year duration and its inclusion and exclusion criteria’s. Eligibility is quite strict as we want to have the best outcome for the parents.

IVF programs: You can always explore our beautiful destinations for regular IVF cycle, without surrogate assistance. Highly qualitied medical team will be happy to support you during this amazing journey too.

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