We started our amazing journey two years ago

We started our amazing journey two years ago

Apprehension and difficulties marked the start of our search for every bit of information possible about surrogacy. Of course, countless questions arose. We began clarifying on social media, chatting with people and organizations locally and abroad, setting meetings with various companies, but something never felt completely whole.

Then we received a recommendation for Royal Surrogacy in Georgia. We chatted with Ilana by phone, and she explained the process. She described the agency’s work, her own story – she was very forthright and we immediately clicked. Despite the distance we felt that we were in safe hands.

Wanting to make our own impressions, we booked a flight straightaway. When we arrived in Georgia we received the VIP treatment, with Ilana making sure everything ran smoothly. We decided we’d go ahead with the surrogacy.

Ilana guided us through the surrogacy process. She kept us updated and phoned us with information about even the smallest details, from the moment that our surrogate was chosen, all the way through to preparing for the birth.

Ilana always made sure everything was tip-top. No compromising anywhere. She was on top of things all the time. Her main focus was to ensure we received the very best care.

No less importantly, she made sure we were an inseparable part of the events despite the physical distance. She wanted us to feel the pregnancy as though it was actually happening to us. Every medical event or test’s result was forwarded to us. Every question we raised was answered sensitively. No matter what time of day it was, she was always ready to send us answers from the top doctors collaborating with Royal Surrogacy.

Twins! We arrived for the birth, very excited, really tense. Ilana, Kathy and the team were there to guide us. Our baby was kept in hospital care for another 10 days. Ilana was with us every step of the way, getting medical updates, taking us shopping for twins, and ensuring that we really felt a sense of family and home.

When we decide it’s time for Odelle and Nitai to have siblings, Royal Surrogacy will be where we’ll go. It was our privilege to make the acquaintance of a trustworthy, fair, humane, patient and caring woman who always had us smiling with her great sense of humor. She was like the proverbial lioness, fighting for us to ensure our cubs would be the best. We are thrilled to be part of the Royal Surrogacy family, and please God, we’ll meet again. We’re so fortunate that we chose you to help us establish our family, Ilana.

With warm wishes and much love –

Lin and Nati Suissa and the twins Odelle and Nitai