Parents StoriesToday I feel as I am on the top of the world

September 22, 2021

Beginning: “Today I feel as I am on the top of the world, as I won the most precious things in the world, a prince and a princess who are all my world”

Today I hold two treasures, two diamonds in my hands whom I have been waiting for all my life – twins who fill my life and bring light to my home. How long I have been waiting for the moment to hold my children.

On the way I passed before this moment there were quite few hardships, until I met Ilana and her staff at Royal Surrogacy. Only then my dream began to come true. At every step on the path to fulfill my dream I had personal guidance, understanding and an attentive ear in the most professional manner.

Ilana was a family for me in the foreign country I came to. I felt relieved and knew I was in good hands… actually, in the best hands. I did not feel alone even in a single moment. Ilana was always providing me with the guidance of very professional team, who were constantly answering all my questions and taking care of me to find peace when concerns arose.

My journey began several years ago, when I was looking for a reliable company. My prior experiences were not easy, and it was hard for me to deal with some new failures. Then I got lucky. I met Ilana through mutual friends from New York, our hometown, who recommended her to me.

The only thing I regret is that I did not know Ilana before, many years ago, when I was beginning my journey. How much pain I could have avoided if I met this lady before.

Today I feel like I’m at the top of the world, because I won the most precious things in the world, a prince and a princess who are all my world. All thanks to Ilana who was a family member for me and my children. Her deeds are starting with egg donation, finding a surrogate, providing me with regular updates on the development of children during pregnancy and finally childbirth.

This was especially revealed at the time of Covid 19 pandemic situation, when I had to be in isolation. I arrived in Georgia and my little ones were already born and until I found a home where I could stay and take care of my beauties… until I got home … and much more … it’s just the tip of the fork, Ilana did everything for me and for The family I started.

Thank you very much Ilana for taking an integral part in fulfilling the dream of my life. You will be forever an integral part of our world.

Of us with great love and appreciation,

Abigail, Daniel

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