The miracle of Doron and Anat created by Royal surrogacy

The Miracle Of Doron And Anat Created By Royal Surrogacy

After an exhausting and discouraging journey of several years in an attempt to have children, we decided to do it in a different way – with the help of a surrogate. We met with a number of companies, but something was always missing there. Then – we heard several recommendations about Royal Surrogacy and we met with Ilana.

We immediately felt special, personal, emotional connection with her, the connection that only she – who experienced it on herself, only those who have been in this loop – knows how it feels. Everything started very fast and we had a feeling we were part of an amazing family.

During our journey, Ilana was available for us on 24/7 to answer all our questions and concerns. We booked the flight and took our embryos personally. From the moment we landed in Tbilisi in the middle of the night, a lovely driver was waiting for us – Gocha who accompanied us all the way (and it was also he who a few months later accompanied us back to the airport with twins). Then we met Katie, our amazing coordinator, she was so supportive and friendly.

We delivered the embryos at the medical center with a sense of calm and security, the staff was looking very professional and advanced and at the same time warm and embracing. A month and a half later of the moment of the delivery of the embryos, the first attempt of embryo transfer was made and we were informed about the pregnancy of twins!!

We were updated on every test and provided with all information we needed throughout the pregnancy, as if everything was happening right next to us. We arrived during pregnancy checkups to attend it personally, the medical staff who accompanied us were so professional, and tests were extraordinarily meticulous.

On Friday 05.07.19 we reached an amazing moment when 2 of our treasures were born. We immediately flew to Tbilisi and there as usual Ilana, Katie, the office staff, and Gocha, the driver were waiting for us. We received full assistance needed to manage paperwork and newborn-related stuff and it was so much easy and comfortable to have Royal’s team with us.

Our whole stay in Tbilisi was one great pleasure – until the day we could return to Israel, So, until the moment we boarded on the plane they did not leave us for a moment, Gocha the driver, who first met us for less than a year ago, drives us back to the airport and this time with twins.

We got twins and we got one big family “Royal Surrogacy”

We could not dream, or imagine a fun, pleasant, loving, and caring journey like the one we received.

Anat and Doron