5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Journey of Being a Single Parent

5 Things To Consider Before Starting A Journey Of Being A Single Parent

Even though some people think first of adoption, biological parenthood is a plausible path to becoming a parent There are several reasons why men and women might turn to a single surrogacy journey, for instance, it may be the only option for men and women (Especially after a certain age) not having a partner but wishing to be a genetically linked with their child. We proudly support the intended parents’ choices on every step of it and try to make life-changing journeys convenient and easier for them.

So, here are some of the aspects of the surrogacy process you should consider before making this decision to start single-parent surrogacy.

What are your legal options for starting a family as a single parent?

You may consider surrogacy and other alternatives like adoption and co-parenting, both of which are great ways of creating a family yet very different. However, if you choose surrogacy, you will have a genetic connection with your child.  You will also care for them from their birth and won’t have to share parenting with anyone. Therefore, it is reasonable to take your time and be honest with yourself about what you want most, what you prefer, and what you want a family you build to be like.

Unfortunately, there are a few countries where surrogacy for singles is legal. At Royal Surrogacy we offer services for single parents in Argentina and in the USA but it is up to you and your budget which country of destination you choose.   Cost is higher in the USA while programs are more affordable in Argentina. Keep in mind that there also may be some legal restrictions in your homeland regarding bringing back your child born through surrogacy. Thus, it is recommended to have a legal advisor in your country.

Is it unfair for a single parent to conceive a baby without a mother or a father?

Many single parents think about this question. Researches into kids born with the help of surrogacy in various family forms have found out that what matters to children the most is the quality and character of their parental relationships rather than the number or gender of their parents.

However, it is essential to be prepared to talk to your child about how they came into the world, make sure that they have a positive sense of identity, and, if possible and makes you feel comfortable keep a connection with your surrogate. You may also require to be prepared to talk to others, both those in your family and friends’ support network.

How does surrogacy work for single parents?

Suppose you decide to build your family through surrogacy. In that case, you have to consider these topics (and not only):

  • who will provide the biological materials? eggs (or sperm in case of single women) to conceive your baby?
  • How do you select your donors?
  • who will be your surrogate?
  • what information you and your child can access about her?
  • Do other members of your family know about your decision? Do they support it?
  • Are you ready for this?
  • Have you thought through the financial aspect of surrogacy?

Do you think that only two people can parent a kid?

Nowadays, more and more parents experience solo parenthood like co-parenting, adoption, unplanned pregnancy, or surrogacy. There are many alternatives for individuals who want to be single parents. It’s also a worthwhile and fulfilling journey a person can take. If you think that your love and care will be enough for your baby, then do not let the opinions of others stop you.

We at Royal Surrogacy believe that everyone should have a baby who really wants it without any barriers.

Can you face emotional challenges?

Sometimes being a single parent may feel lonely. But do not worry, Life is beautiful and you are starting an unforgettable journey. This will change your life forever and you will find out so many important and unknown aspects of parenthood. You can never be 100% ready for having a baby, so do not overthink – we are here to support you. Please keep in mind that It’s also vital to have an emotional support system that will have your back, help you, and don’t make you feel alone in the journey of single parenting.

At Royal Surrogacy, we offer special programs for single parents-in Argentina, a country where surrogacy is legal for a singles.  Let us plan your life changing journey.

By Dina Jaoshvili