Surrogacy is related to a several legal and logistic elements.  Royal supports all intended parents to carefully plan, prepare and implement necessary steps corresponding destination country regulations.

Egg, sperm and embryo shipping

Once you have frozen your genetic materials in a clinic and if you plan to transfer these cryomaterials to one of our destination countries you need reliable and trusted courier company. You will need to contact the IVF clinic where they are stored inform them and make the request in writing. Royal has clear step by step guidelines about genetic materials transportation which will be useful for process management.

  • Planning and organization of the shipping’s
  • Managing paperwork
  • Introduction to experienced and well know biological material shipping companies
  • Smooth communication with the partner clinics

Travel planning

Planning a trip to start unforgettable surrogacy journey can feel like most exciting and the overwhelming part of it. You are going to visit the country maybe not visiting before and you may feel little bit uncomfortable but exactly here you need the support we provide.

  • Consultation on VISA requirements
  • Supporting selection of suitable flights
  • Providing accommodation for short and long stay periods
  • Pick up and drop off at the airports
  • Providing comfortable transportation to visit the clinic
  • Addition tours organization if requested

Legal support:

There are many important legal issues with using a gestational carrier. The laws governing these relationships differ from country to country. Don’t let this get in your way of becoming a parent. However, it is essential to hire a knowledgeable attorney when selecting this option. They will draft contracts, provide legal counsel and coordinate the process.

  • Finding an experienced attorney in your country, if needed
  • Providing full legal support in the destination countries
  • Supporting to manage process related paper work
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