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Royal Surrogacy specializes in providing Indented parents with surrogacy solutions abroad, specifically in Georgia, Argentina, the USA and Ukraine. Royal Surrogacy has earned a reputation for a higher success rate. We are the only agency that operates out of hospitals and maintaining close collaboration and excellent relations with local medical staff.

Royal Surrogacy conforms to policies and protocols drafted by leading experts in the field and years of cumulative experience.

Ilana Bar Diddone, a former Israeli currently residing in the USA, established the organization following her own first-hand experience of the lengthy, challenging surrogacy journey to motherhood. She serves as Royal Surrogacy’s Chief Executive Officer. Originally from Georgia, she enriches the agency with her close affinity to the local culture and her ability to effectively and fluently communicate with staff and authorities.

Royal Surrogacy is committed to providing every intended parent with personal, professional, dedicated care, and complete transparency during surrogacy process.

We use only carefully selected egg donors and surrogates, and collaborate with leading IVF clinics compliant with top level Western and USA standards. Our fair contracts and preset costs are geared to ensure your peace of mind.

Surrogates and egg donors selected by Royal Surrogacy are healthy young women who have undergone extensive preliminary examination prior to being approved for our database. They also receive full care and oversight of the highest standards throughout the surrogacy and postpartum periods. Our close collaboration with selected surrogates and egg donors not only relates to their medical profiles but is closely linked to their deeper understanding of just how important surrogacy and egg donation is for the Intended parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a surrogacy process involve?

Surrogacy is a solution addressing fertility issues. The process takes fertilized eggs from the biological mother (or an egg donor) and transfers them for gestation into the uterus of another woman, who is known as the surrogate. She carries the fetus in her womb for the full term of pregnancy, gives birth to the child or children, but has no legal claim to the newborn.

When does the surrogacy becomes viable option?

A surrogacy procedure is required when a woman is unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy for medical reasons, or when the intended parents are two men.

What are the main stages of surrogacy?

Surrogacy begins with counseling. Royal Surrogacy provides potential parents with detailed information and explanations of the various medical, legal, and bureaucratic aspects involved. This counseling session helps parents select their optimal choice.  The next step is a series of medical tests conducted at a clinic of their choice.

Once the tests are carefully reviewed and approved to ensure that the process can be carried out in Georgia, legal and medical forms and documents are signed. This essentially launches the surrogacy process, which may also include location of an egg donor as needed.

Ova and sperm are then transferred to a professional medical center where IVF is performed, the resulting embryos are introduced into the surrogate’s uterus. It is also possible to conduct fertilization in another laboratory which will send the frozen embryos.

When the surrogate’s pregnancy is confirmed, close oversight ensures that all relevant tests and treatments are conducted. The biological parents arrive shortly before the estimated due date to ensure they are present at the birth and can experience this uniquely joyous moment of the arrival of their newborn/s.

After the birth, we take the parents and baby to a furnished apartment specially prepared for them in advance. Royal Surrogacy meanwhile handles all relevant bureaucracy, including obtaining the newborn’s birth certificate and passport. We then coordinate the family’s return home.

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