Surrogacy VIP Program

VIP Program

At Royal Surrogacy, our mission is to make the procedure successful for the intended parents so that they can go back home with a healthy baby.
Our main goal is not to increase the prices of our packages but to offer a professional service to local as well as international clients.

Our VIP plan is something most clients prefer due to its attractive features and benefits. It is exclusive to Royal Surrogacy, which means no other clinic or surrogacy agency is offering it in Georgia at the moment. It includes all Royal Programs, which are four in total. The aim behind this plan was to offer surrogacy to everyone in the world regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, and educational and financial background. It was also created to make this stressful journey less tiring for the intended parents.
Here are some of the highlights and features of this VIP program:

Our coordinator will start planning your trip to Georgia the moment you sign up with us and will help you throughout the procedure from finding the right hotel to getting back to your homeland
A driver will be there to pick you up from the airport the day you arrive in Georgia
The same driver will pick you up the next day from your hotel to escort you to our offices
You will be taken to the lawyer to sign contracts and the hospital for doctor’s consultation
If you require any meet-up with the surrogate or egg donor to get to know them better, your program coordinator will arrange the meetings
From the day embryo transfer is complete to final birth of the baby, our assistant will be there to offer you help and support at each and every step
You are again received at the airport before the birth of your baby
All legal documents including passport for the newborn are issued with the help of our representative
You go back home with your bundle of joy feeling happy, relaxed, and excited for the new life ahead!

We assign a representative to all our clients, regardless of the package they choose, to accompany them in Georgia and assist them with each and every step of the procedure. We understand that language can become a communication barrier but we have qualified doctors and other staff fluent in English who would be able to give all the necessary details to the clients. Not just a program coordinator but also a registered nurse is provided to the parents once the baby is born to teach them how to take good care of the newborn for the entire time they remain in Georgia.

We take pride in all our services and the friendly nature of all our staff members. We do not require anything from you except your own bag and clothes. Everything you are going to need except that is going to be provided by us including baby diapers, wipes, blankets, socks, feeding bottles, bassinet and what not!

At Royal Surrogacy, we believe that having to hold your baby in your arms is the best feeling in the world and therefore we make this journey an exciting one for the parents. Moreover, we do not compromise on the medical equipment, devices and doctors because surrogacy is all about quality and professionalism. The procedures are handled very carefully and delicately by all our experienced doctors including embryologists, anthologists, and fertility doctors.
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