Surrogacy Services

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a medical procedure that falls under the category of assisted reproduction for parents who are unable to conceive naturally or who have had failed pregnancies in the past. The couple who wishes to undergo surrogacy is termed as intended parents or IPs and they are almost always in need of a gestational surrogate, a woman who carries the baby in her womb and gives birth at the end of the term.
Surrogacy is of two types: gestational and traditional. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate who gives birth to the baby has no genetic link with the child. The embryos created through in-vitro fertilization are just implanted in her uterus. However, in traditional surrogacy the surrogate mother provides her own eggs for the procedure to take place. At Royal Surrogacy, we offer only gestational surrogacy.

Surrogacy, especially when carried out in another country, involves legal arrangements to make sure the intended parents face no difficulties after the birth of the baby in terms of receiving her birth certificate and passport. The procedure therefore needs to be carried out through a proper and credible surrogacy agency that provides the parents with all the required services in addition to medical assistance.

Surrogacy Support

Since surrogacy is a very hard decision for the intended parents and they go through a stressful time before and during the pregnancy, at Royal Surrogacy we offer a very robust support system to our clients. All their needs are handled by our experienced and qualified staff from arranging an initial appointment and receiving them at the airport to escorting them to the lawyer and the hospital and finally seeing them off at the airport. During this procedure, all the legal documents, contracts and paperwork is provided to the parents to read and sign.
On the day the baby is born, the intended parents are already there to greet her. Our staff will assist them to bring everything that is needed to care for the baby at least for the first ten days. We also give you a list of family-friendly hotels where you can stay with your new bundle of joy till all the documents are ready for a safe journey back home. Usually about three to five weeks are required to prepare all the documents including passport for the new baby; after that you can pack up and leave.
In the gestational surrogacy procedure, three parties are usually involved: the surrogates, the intended parents, and the egg donors. All these people involved have to agree to the terms of their journeys together so that there are no legal issues created later on.

Surrogacy in Georgia

Georgia has gained the reputation of the most preferred country for carrying out surrogacy procedures in recent years. Our clinic located in Georgia offers the best prices when it comes to various fertility treatments including IVF and ICSI. Not only our surrogates are chosen after careful medical inspection but our egg donors are also young and healthy individuals with prior success in the field of surrogacy. The eggs retrieved from them are healthy and mature and the success rates are quite high. Moreover, the surrogates are women who have had successful full-term pregnancies in the past with no serious health complications. We also make sure that once a surrogate mother gets pregnant she is well taken care of and she pays regular visits to the fertility clinic for a complete and thorough checkup.
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