Surrogacy Services

Surrogacy Services

Our international clients visit us for surrogacy services from such diverse countries like UK, USA, Canada, Israel, Japan, Australia, China, Russia and Sweden. We understand that it is not possible for the intended parents to stay in Georgia for the entire duration of pregnancy. We therefore offer flexible and totally affordable plans for them to execute and travel only when it is required. We adopt modern means of communication including email, text, and Skype to make sure the intended parents are involved in each and every phase of surrogacy from matching to pregnancy and final birth of the baby.

One of the issues that most parents face and are concerned about is the issuance of birth certificate and passport for the newly born baby so that they could easily go back to their home country with their bundle of joy. We, at Royal Surrogacy, are proud to announce a strategy that works closely with the local counsel in our client’s homeland on order to fulfill complete legal requirements and to avoid issues later on. Our international clients also receive advice on how to obtain health insurance for their baby who is born through surrogacy in Georgia.

Intended Parents and Surrogacy

We follow a definite set of steps that involve not only the intended parents but also the surrogate mother and the egg donor to ensure a safe and organized journey till the birth of the baby.

Intended parents may contact us through our website or give us a call for free consultation at our clinic.
Once the parents decide to sign up with us and go ahead with one of our surrogacy plans, we assign a program coordinator to them who would assist them throughout the surrogacy journey.
We encourage and facilitate open communication between surrogates, egg donors and intended parents. They get to know each other, become comfortable and confident of making this procedure a success.
Our program coordinators are trained to coordinate with third-party agencies to make the process smooth and straight forward for our clients.
All legal contracts are duly signed to agree to the terms of this journey put forth for the surrogate mother as well as the egg donor.
The egg donor goes through egg retrieval process and the surrogate mother is prepared for the transfer of embryo. The IVF clinic where the procedures would be carried out is partner clinic of Royal Surrogacy.
Our legal team helps the parents to complete all paperwork required to exit Georgia safely. They help you obtain birth certificate and passport for your newborn to return to your homeland.
The parents are ready to go back to their country for a new beginning!
International surrogacy may sound like a dream come true to thousands of intended parents located the world over owing to the highly competitive rates and the huge database of egg donors they can get access to, but at the same time they find the process somewhat hard and emotionally very challenging. At Royal Surrogacy, we take care of all our clients and provide them with all the support they need through a robust support system to make this journey as enjoyable and fruitful as it would be in their home country.
We make sure our clients go back home completely satisfied with our services.

Surrogacy guarantee

Our surrogacy agency offers the lowest program cost guaranteed!

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