Surrogacy in Georgia Low-cost and legally safe surrogacy option in Europe and USA

Intended Parents choosing Surrogacy VIP Program
Intended Parents choosing Surrogacy VIP Program
March 15, 2018
Surrogacy in Georgia _Royal Surrogacy
Law of surrogacy in Sweden
April 11, 2018
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Surrogacy in Georgia Low-cost and legally safe surrogacy option in Europe and USA

Surrogacy in Georgia. Low-cost and legally safe surrogacy option in Europe and USA

Where is the best place to have your Surrogacy procedure

Although surrogacy is not legal in every country, there are some limited countries throughout the world where surrogacy is legal. The couples who are seeking a baby through surrogacy can consider the following countries:

Surrogacy in the United States

The United States is one of the surrogacy destinations throughout the world and it stands as a gold standard from all of them.  The cost of doing so in the USA reflects that position. The surrogacy procedure in the United States costs approximately USD 150,000. The expenses of any emergency medical care for the child or surrogate are counted as additional expenses. Because of these reasons, the wealthy people in China and Europe prefer the USA as their surrogacy option. However, only wealthy people can afford it as it is not possible for the “average” person to undergo these procedures there.  The USA shares its border with Mexico, though Mexico has closed the surrogacy option, the USA had recently introduced its new surrogacy program, called “hybrid”.  In these programs, Embryo Transfers and IVF procedures are completed in Mexico.  Subsequently, the parental care, as well as the child delivery, is performed in the USA. In this process, the surrogate and the doctors are from the USA. Till now the hybrid programs were expensive as compared to other international programs, however, still, these programs are reasonable as compared to any other traditional surrogacy programs.

Surrogacy in Canada

In Canada, altruistic surrogacy is officially permitted. However, enforcement of ‘altruistic’ rules by the government are reasonably strict, and are highly regulated. The expenses for the surrogacy process in Canada are lower as compared to the USA. The babies who are born in Canada are provided with national medical insurance. The compensation of the surrogate is high, and the expenses of the clinic are the same as in the USA. The overall costs would amount to about $120,000 for the entire process which the couples woud have to pay.  Because advertising for a surrogate is banned in Canada  it is challenging task to find a surrogate. Moreover, if the baby is born in Canada, then they also provide the Canadian passport to the surrogate children.

Surrogacy in the United Kingdom

The procedure of surrogacy is official in the United Kingdom. But to find a surrogate is very difficult because according to the law in the UK the surrogacy is based on a humane basis which means the surrogate will be only gets paid for reasonable costs. This is the main reason that couples from the UK prefer to undergo the surrogacy process from abroad.  Moreover, the intended parents in the UK are not able to advertise their seeking for surrogate mothers and the available surrogates are not permitted to advertise for themselves offering this service. In the UK, there are no specialized agencies available for surrogates and/or the intended parents. Moreover, getting any profit from surrogacy in the UK is illegal. The surrogate mother can automatically become the legal parent of the newborn baby as agreements related to surrogacy are not enforced by British law making it is the worst thing about surrogacy there. Because of this, the intended parents have to face the difficulty to search for a reliable surrogate mother.

Surrogacy in Mexico

In Mexico, each state provides its own rules and laws as there are no federal laws related to surrogacy procedures. Till 2015 surrogacy contracts were legal in the state of Tabasco, but according to new regulations, the surrogacy contracts for foreign couples are invalid in the state. The updated surrogacy rules are not yet inscribed into law, thus surrogacy in Mexico still remains legal. It is estimated that the updated rules will be written after the spring season of 2016 as the delay is temporary.

Surrogacy in Sweden

The women are forced to enter into surrogacy arrangements. According to the rules of Sweden, the biological mother is the legal mother of the newborn baby. In the event, the surrogate changes her mind about the pregnancy and the arrangement, then it could cause many complications.

In Sweden, surrogacy is not official or legal yet. The legal procedure being followed in Sweden is equal to adopting a baby from the surrogate mother. If in any case, if the surrogate mother changes her mind before the adoption process she has the right to keep the baby. Only the biological father has the right to claim his right to the baby.


Why is Georgia the best place to have your Surrogacy procedure?

Surrogacy in Georgia offers the best alternative for all those couples who are expecting a baby but who are unable to carry a pregnancy in their womb. Many women have medical complications with their uterus and men are dealing with poor or low sperm counts and because of that they need the support and help to have a child of their own. Georgia is the best place for surrogacy because unlike with other countries a fertility expert will appoint the women which will act as your surrogate. The surrogate will carry your baby for nine months in her womb without any pressures and after the birth; the baby will be delivered to you without any complications or issues.


There are two types of Surrogates:

  1. Gestational surrogate

The gestational surrogates are the women who carry the sperms and the eggs of the intended parents in her. It is the IVF procedure in which the eggs and sperm are placed for the successful pregnancy. With this procedure, the intended parents are the genetic parents of the child.

  1. Traditional surrogate

Heres, the sperm of the intended father is unnaturally fertilized with the eggs of the surrogate mother in order to create the successful pregnancy.  In this case, the resulted embryo after the fertilization process is being placed into the uterus of the surrogate. This woman is known as a traditional surrogate. As the eggs of this woman are used in the procedure of having a baby, the the traditional surrogate woman becomes the biological mother of the child.


Surrogacy in Georgia is a legal procedure

The Surrogacy procedure is legal in Georgia. There is no legal law for the same sex surrogacy. Moreover, to finish the process smoothly, the experts of fertility ask both the couples to sign the joint agreement. According to this agreement, the surrogate is willing to carry the baby for nine months in her womb, and when the baby is born, without any issue, she will hand over the baby to the intended parents of the child.  The proposed parents are able to pay the agreed upon amount in installments to the surrogate so that the surrogate can take care of herself as well as the baby during her pregnancy.

It is the intended parent’s responsibility to go to court to file a petition to become legal parents of the child once the baby is born through surrogacy. When the court order the authorities to provide the new birth certificate of the baby the intended parents become the De facto parents of the baby. After this, there is no relationship left between the surrogate and the child as all ties are severed with the surrogate.


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