Pros and Cons of Surrogacy for Intended Parents

Intended Parents choosing Surrogacy VIP Program
Intended Parents choosing Surrogacy VIP Program
March 15, 2018
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Pros and Cons of Surrogacy for Intended Parents

Surrogacy in Georgia Intended Parents and Surrogacy

The highlights of pros and cons of surrogacy for intended parents

For intended parents who are interested in building a family unit, the concept of Surrogacy might seem daunting and overwhelming at first. Therefore it is highly recommended that families, who elect to partake in the process, first examine & study all aspects of what surrogacy really entails. The complete education of the parents about surrogacy will guide the family through the entire process and will put their mind at ease.


Below are the most common pros and cons of surrogacy which shall guide parents in their decision making:


Pros of surrogacy for intended parents:

  • Through surrogacy, intended parents can fulfil their dreams of having a Baby child.
  • Surrogacy is the only way by which the Baby will have one or both party’s biological connection.
  • Surrogacy can help those couples or individuals who are facing infertility and otherwise cannot have a child.
  • The expenses of surrogacy are usually known up front.  Moreover, the final results are more reliable as compared to other treatments of infertility.
  • The intended parents ould experience all highlights of pregnancy from beginning till the birth of the child.
  • With surrogacy parents n raise their child from birth.
  • If the parents want, surrogacy can also build a lifetime connection of the child with the generous woman who is going to give birth to their child.
  • The intended parents may have more involvement with each phase of the surrogacy process as compared to if they chose adoption or treatments of infertility instead.



The cons of surrogacy for intended parents:

  • Surrogacy process may be costly.  In the surrogacy process, there are many procedures as well as parties involved, where you have to pay more costs.
  • The process of surrogacy might be complex.  The medical and legal process can be overwhelming without the guidance of an experienced professional.
  • Surrogacy process can be lengthy.  The procedure includes meetings, matching, medical processes and, for sure, a pregnancy of 9-months.
  • There are various financial, legal and emotional aspects to consider in surrogacy.

Notwithstanding the cons, Surrogacy is an emotionally rewarding experience second to none.  The ultimate outcome is life-changing.

If you still have any doubts or questions related to surrogacy, feel free to contact us for any information relating to this process.


Choosing surrogacy in Georgia for intended parents:

Royal surrogacy is an international surrogacy organization which is located in Georgia.  We offer surrogacy services to clients from all walks of life and of all various backgrounds, all over the world.

We are one of a few reputed surrogacy agencies in the world because of our beloved customers and our proven results in assisting those who put their trust in us.  Our well-trained professional staff and qualified doctors are here to help you from the beginning of the surrogacy process till the birth of your child. Moreover, we offer 24/7 support to our customers so that whenever they need immediate medical help or any other assistance, they could reach us at any time.

At Royal Surrogacy we are able to tailor our unique services according to the requirements of each individual customer.  We strongly believe that financial hardships should not be a barrier to fulfil everyone’s dream of having a child.

While some American and European Surrogacy agencies provide surrogacy services, what distinguishes us from most is that we are able without sacrificing quality  to offer our services  at approximately 50-60% less as compared to them. This is the primary reason that peoples prefer to visit us in Georgia to fulfill their surrogacy Needs.

Another critical reason families choose Royal Surrogacy is the success rate we pride ourselves with.   Our success rate for fresh embryo transfers is 66%, for frozen embryo transfer is 58% and for fresh embryo transfer with two surrogates is approximately 95%. It is not a coincidence we are becoming one of the most sought-out surrogacy agencies around the world.

Our extraordinary VIP program is yet another reason to make us the first choice among families seeking a surrogacy agency, as we are always available and offer our hand to help you out at any time. We strive to provide a stress-free and relaxed surrogacy process to all of our clientele. Our qualified staff is also available overseas to handle everything from A to Z.  You just have to pack your bag and travel to Georgia and we will take care of the rest on your behalf.

Our VIP package includes picking you up from the airport and transfers to your hotel room,  our attorneys and hospital. Our staff will take care of the entire process from the beginning to the time we deliver the child to you. After that, we will provide the necessary transportation to drop you off back at the airport




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