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Law of surrogacy in Sweden

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Surrogacy in Sweden

The women are forced to enter into surrogacy arrangements. According to the rules of Sweden, the biological mother is the legal mother of the newborn baby. In the event, the surrogate changes her mind about the pregnancy and the arrangement, then it could cause many complications.

“In Sweden, surrogacy is not official or legal yet. The legal procedure being followed in Sweden is equal to adopting a baby from the surrogate mother. If in any case, if the surrogate mother changes her mind before the adoption process she has the right to keep the baby. Only the biological father has the right to claim his right to the baby.


Sweden could ban surrogacy

As per the statement to the government, both surrogacy procedures, commercial and altruistic surrogacy should be prohibited officially in Sweden. “The most significant reason we don’t want to permit surrogacy in Sweden is the danger of women facing pressures to be surrogate mothers. It is a big loyalty, and it involves the risks of being pregnant as well as giving birth.”  Eva Wendell Roseburg. states that the Swedish government has to ban people from going abroad in search of a surrogate mothers in IVF clinics. She observed that still there are many unknown facts related to surrogacy. Many women are forced to come into surrogacy planning. There are a few people who know that it puts terrible effects on the health of the child. The statement of SMER (National Council on Medical Ethics) surmised that the intended parents and the surrogate mother create a close relationship between them thus making surrogacy acceptable, but this statement creates conflicts with the recommendations of Justice Wendel Rosberg. According to Justice Wendell Roseburg, SMER has not examined the various complicated issues related to surrogacy they only analyzed the medical benefits.


Law of surrogacy in Sweden

In Sweden, the procedure of surrogacy is not legal. Thus, according to law, the surrogacy is equal to adopting a child from the surrogate mother. The baby doesn’t belong to you. If the surrogate mother amends her intentions and wants to ep the baby with her, then she has full right to do so. But, the biological father has the authority to claim his right to the baby. To plan any surrogacy arrangements in Swedish fertility clinics is illegal. Sweden approved the first uterus transplant of the world in an infertile woman. Then the age of the women was 36 years.


Why is surrogacy illegal in Sweden and other countries?

Following are the reasons which are responsible for the ban on surrogacy in Sweden or other countries:

  • The breakage of womb-mother
  • There are many unpleasant people who get babies. In a recent case a couple took one baby home out of twins because the second one was mentally disabled.
  • The unreliable people go for a baby through surrogacy and then return it.

“There are no mutual arrangements for the identification of a child’s legal family which is the main reason behind the prohibition of surrogacy in Sweden and in other countries.


Why is Georgia the best place to have your Surrogacy procedure?

Surrogacy in Georgia offers the best alternative for all those couples who are expecting a baby but who are unable to carry a pregnancy in their womb. Many women have medical complications with their uterus and men are dealing with poor or low sperm counts and because of that they need the support and help to have a child of their own. Georgia is the best place for surrogacy because unlike with other countries a fertility expert will appoint the women which will act as your surrogate. The surrogate will carry your baby for nine months in her womb without any pressures and after the birth; the baby will be delivered to you without any complications or issues.

There are two types of Surrogates:


  1. Gestational surrogate

The gestational surrogates are the women who carry the sperms and the eggs of the intended parents in her. It is the IVF procedure in which the eggs and sperm are placed for the successful pregnancy. With this procedure, the intended parents are the genetic parents of the child.


  1. Traditional surrogate

Heres, the sperm of the intended father is unnaturally fertilized with the eggs of the surrogate mother in order to create the successful pregnancy.  In this case, the resulted embryo after the fertilization process is being placed into the uterus of the surrogate. This woman is known as a traditional surrogate. As the eggs of this woman are used in the procedure of having a baby, the the traditional surrogate woman becomes the biological mother of the child.


Surrogacy in Georgia is a legal procedure

The Surrogacy procedure is legal in Georgia. There is no legal law for the same sex surrogacy. Moreover, to finish the process smoothly, the experts of fertility ask both the couples to sign the joint agreement. According to this agreement, the surrogate is willing to carry the baby for nine months in her womb, and when the baby is born, without any issue, she will hand over the baby to the intended parents of the child.  The proposed parents are able to pay the agreed upon amount in installments to the surrogate so that the surrogate can take care of herself as well as the baby during her pregnancy.


It is the intended parent’s responsibility to go to court to file a petition to become legal parents of the child once the baby is born through surrogacy. When the court order the authorities to provide the new birth certificate of the baby the intended parents become the De facto parents of the baby. After this, there is no relationship left between the surrogate and the child as all ties are severed with the surrogate.







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