Intended Parents choosing Surrogacy VIP Program

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March 15, 2018
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April 5, 2018
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Intended Parents choosing Surrogacy VIP Program

Intended Parents choosing Surrogacy VIP Program

Surrogacy VIP Program

The major aim of Royal surrogacy is to complete the procedure flawlessly for the parents who are selecting to have a child through surrogacy, so that they can go back to their homeland with a healthy baby.

Our main objective is to provide specialized services to our customers without increasing the costs of our package.

Because of the attractive benefits and features which we offer, our VIP plan is  prefered by most clients. These plans are limited to Royal surrogacy because at present no other surrogacy agency or clinic offers these plans in Georgia.

The VIP plan includes four Royal programs. Regardless of your nationality, ethnicity, financial and educational background, we aim to provide surrogacy services to every person in need. This plan was also formulated to alleviate the stress which could be experienced by intending families.



Following are the few features and highlights of this VIP program:

  • From the time you sign up with us, our managers will start planning your entire journey to Georgia. The whole plan will include booking a hotel for you, picking you up from the airport and getting you back to the airport to your homeland after the process is complete.
  • On your arrival day to Georgia, a driver will be available there to pick you up from the airport. On the next day, the same driver will be sent to pick you up from the hotel to drop you off at our offices in Georgia.
  • We will take you to the lawyer for legal formalities like signing the contract papers as well as bringing you to the hospital for the consultation with our designated doctors.
  • Our coordinator will also arrange your meeting with the egg donor or surrogate shall you choose to get to know them better.
  • Our assistants are always available there to help you out in every step required for the embryo transfer day until the birth of your baby.
  • We will also pick you up from the airport as you return for the birth of your baby.
  • With the help of our representatives, we will provide you with all the legal documents of the baby along with his/her passport.
  • And, of course, you will go back to your home with your baby along with a relaxed, happy, and an excitement for your future life!

For every customer, we allocate a representative who will manage everything regardless of the package chosen by you.  We will help our intended family in every step throughout the entire procedure. We are aware that the world is full of different languages which could hinder one’s ability to communicate freely. To solve this problem, we have available doctors and staff members who are fluent in the English language and who will help you out with all of the required details.

After the birth of your child,  a nurse and a personal representative will also be provided to the parents for as long as they stay in Georgia.  Both will guide them on how to take care of the newborn baby.

We are glad to provide you with our services to make this experience a pleasant and stress free. Thus, we don’t expect anything from you; you just have to bring your clothes, that’s it!!!. Everything you are going to need throughout the procedure like diapers, blankets, wipes, feeding bottles, socks, bassinet, etc. will be provided by us.

Royal surrogacy believes in your dream and is ready to make it a reality.  We are aware that surrogacy is all about professionalism and quality, thus we do not compromise in the doctors, medical devices, facilities and equipment which we use. Our team of experienced doctors along with anthologists, embryologists, and fertility doctors handles the procedure very delicately and carefully to fulfill your lifelong dream of being parents.  Let us help you build your family.   Let us help you achieve your lifelong dreams of finally having a child.


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