Why are 60% of surrogacy processes in the Republic of Georgia for foreigners? Read about it here>>

Many couples experience difficulty with achieving natural pregnancy and turn to the option of surrogacy. Often that procedure is not available to them in their home country, which sets them off on a search for alternatives.

Surrogacy in Georgia is one of the more common options. This advanced eastern European country offers a quality professional platform for couples entering the surrogacy process. Some 60% of the surrogacy processes carried out in Georgia are conducted for foreign couples, with a consistent uptrend.

As a surrogacy destination, Georgia offers several important advantages, among them:

  • The legal framework. Whereas surrogacy for foreigners is not permitted in many countries across Europe, Georgia has the process set up in a well-organized manner, with primary legislative provisions in place from as early as 1997 (read more here about Georgian law). Note, for example, that Georgian law does not permit a surrogate to register the newborn on her name: only the intended parents can be registered on the birth certificate. By issuing the certificate within a day, the new parents are assured psychological relief and reassurance. The surrogate must also, by law, maintain all medical instructions provided by the medical staff. Surrogates must be mothers with at least one child of their own.
  • Advanced medical centers outfitted with state of the art technology, and staffed by multilingual professionals. Georgia offers medical centers of western standards, often operating as branches of medical institutions from the USA, Scandinavia and other countries. Clinic and hospital staff are world level experts in reproduction and fertility, and are fluent in more than one language.
  • A broad range of surrogates and egg donors. Georgia has a large range of surrogates and egg donors available. They are young responsible women with medical and psychological profiles suited to the surrogacy process. Parents do not need to join a long waitlist, which would otherwise delay the start of being able to enjoy having a family of their own.
  • Attractive price package. Surrogacy in Georgia is available at accessible budgets. Couples can enjoy the professional oversight of local surrogacy agencies. Costs start at about $45,000.
  • Geographic location. Georgia’s Eastern Europe location is an excellent advantage for couples from countless other countries.
  • As a tourist attraction, a large range of hosting solutions suits a diversity of budgets. As a leading tourist attraction with over 4 million visitors annually, Georgia is well equipped to provide hosting solutions for every budget. The parents-to-be can visit frequently during the course of the surrogate’s pregnancy and stay at hotels near the medical centers.
Royal Surrogacy in Georgia

Every year Royal Surrogacy assists large numbers of couples in Georgia. Heading the Royal Surrogacy agency is Ilana bar-Didona, an American Israeli of Georgian origins for whom Georgia’s language is a mother tongue. The agency collaborates with two leading in vitro fertility clinics as well as with top gynecological experts.

Ilana is closely familiar with the nuances of Georgian law on surrogacy. Royal Surrogacy offers an array of solutions customized to every couple’s needs, and draws on its dependable pool of surrogates and egg donors who have been cleared as physically and psychologically suited to surrogacy.

Surrogates and egg donors can only be registered with Royal Surrogacy following comprehensive and thorough medical and psychological testing. Our surrogates register out of a sense of mission, fully aware of the importance of their role in this moving and exciting process.

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