With a rich history of fertility treatments and surrogacy, it is little wonder that Argentina is the preferred South American destination for surrogacy abroad.

Argentina, located in central South America, is one of the most advanced and liberal countries when it comes to fertility treatments, egg donations, and surrogacy.

In recent years, Argentina has gained a name for being a warm home for couples worldwide seeking surrogacy. Among them are Israeli couples, and same sex couples wanting to establish a family.

Argentina is one of the few countries with a clear legal framework for bringing a child into the world via surrogacy. It is the South American leader per capita in ART (assisted reproductive therapy). It also contains a wealth of clinics specializing in fertility and in vitro treatments. Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital, is home to some of South America’s leading clinics.

Argentinians are known to be highly tolerant towards others, taking other people’s sexual tendencies, religions and ethnic origins in stride. The local population is warm and embracing, and a stay in Argentina is always a pleasant experience. Over 7 million tourists visit Argentina each year, enjoying the range of hosting solutions of all levels. Among them are top class options within the vicinity of medical clinics.

Here are some great reasons for choosing surrogacy in Argentina
  • Openness relative to unconventional families. Argentina is one of the few countries offering surrogacy solutions to single parents or same sex couples. This openness towards gender is anchored in law and also accords with the liberal nature of the country and its people.
  • Citizenship within days. Argentina’s liberal legal system is excellent for surrogacy processes. Babies born there, including through surrogacy, are entitled to an Argentinian passport and therefore, citizenship. Argentina’s National Law on Assisted Fertility was passed by the senate in 2013.
  • Cutting edge medical institutions. Argentina, and particularly its capital, Buenos Aires, hold leading medical institutions in the field of reproductive treatment. These include in vitro clinics which have become a top destination among South American countries. Staffed by English speakers, these clinics have developed an excellent reputation. Medical institutions are outfitted with the best that technology has to offer when it comes to the field of reproduction and fertility.
  • No long waitlist for egg donations or surrogates. Argentina, with its population of some 45 million, and beautiful women, offers a vast pool of candidates for egg donations and surrogacy.

Royal Surrogacy is proud of its very high success rate for surrogacies in Argentina. We are fully cognizant of the nuances of Argentinian law on surrogacy and offer a wide range of solutions customized to every individual’s or couple’s needs. The agency has a comprehensive pool of surrogates and egg donors who have passed medical and psychological suitability testing.

Our Argentinian staff is headed by a renowned specialist in ART in Argentina in particular, and South America in general. In 1985 he became the first to implement IVF births in Argentina and has since accrued 40 years of experience in the field.

In recognition of his activities, the Buenos Aires municipality awarded him a “Special Award of Excellence” in 2018. Long before then, our medical specialist was known as “the human reproductive expert” by the Argentinian Reproductive Medicine Association. He serves as an honorary partner in the Brazilian Reproduction Association and the Chilean Organization of Midwifery and Gynecology.

From 2016 he combines his work as a Medical Director of Fecunditas, the fertility clinic he founded, with his role as a Coordinator of the National Program of Medically Assisted Reproduction. His IVF clinic holds close ties with the Buenos Aires University’s Faculty of Medicine, and the clinic’s medical staff constantly publishes research in leading scientific journals.

Surrogacy In Argentina - Pros and Cons
High success rates Less known destination
Programs available for everyone, singles, same sex, married, non-married hetero couplesEgg donors anonymous
Well regulated law, baby get passport of argentine and citizenship Sperm donors anonymous
Multi language medical team
Surrogate insurance available and NICU costs covered
No waiting list for surrogates or egg donors
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