Baby Steps – The 10 Steps To Your Own Baby

Royal Surrogacy believes that successful surrogacy is built on a carefully planned and transparent process with defined outlines for each individual case. Our surrogacy protocols have been streamlined by relevant professional considerations and decades of experience, our strong sense of mission, full transparency, and maximum availability. Adhering to them allows us to reduce if not completely prevent complications or difficulty.

Surrogacy is a challenging period for a couple. That’s why our staff is there for you every step of the way. Here are the 10 key steps in Royal Surrogacy’s procedures.

Initial Meeting

The surrogacy process begins by meeting our Royal Surrogacy team. It’s worth bringing all relevant medical documents with you as well as any additional documentation that you feel may be helpful. But don’t worry: we’ll provide you with a checklist to help you prepare and organize. This meeting is an opportunity to relate to your questions with full and detailed responses, including the potential of success based on your specific circumstances. You will receive in-depth information on all issues related to the process, the cost of surrogacy abroad, and referrals with contact information of parents who have already partnered with us.

Choosing the Right Option

Royal Surrogacy offers several options, which will be presented and discussed in detail with you. Together we will choose the best one for you and begin finalizing logistical, regulatory, financial, and other matters. Our policy of full transparency means that by this stage you already know how much surrogacy costs. There’s no fine print to worry about, and no unexpected expenses later on.

Tests at the Clinic of Your Choice

One you choose your option, you will receive a list of preliminary medical examinations which can be conducted at a medical clinic of your choice. The test results will be forwarded to us for review and analysis.

Approval of the Surrogacy Process

Once your medical test results confirm that you are suited to the surrogacy process, and together with approval by Royal Surrogacy physicians, you are eligible to begin the process. At this point we will forward legal documents and ask that you contact us once you have reviewed them. We will only seek your signature on the documents once all issues have been clarified and you feel totally comfortable with them.

Finding an Egg Donor and Surrogate

The first and most critical steps in the surrogacy process are identifying a surrogate and, if necessary, an egg donor. We provide you with full access to detailed information on each potential donor and surrogate. Please feel free to consult with Royal Surrogacy’s professional and medical staff on these issues.

Logistics and Travel Plans

Royal Surrogacy connects you to a staff member who becomes your personal direct contact from this point on, available 24/7. Your contact will help you with travel arrangements, or handle the trip for you, taking care of all details such as booking flights, coordinating airport transfers, arranging accommodation at a hotel, and escorting you to the medical center in Georgia. Your liaison also helps arrange meetings with the physicians, surrogate mother, and legal and bureaucratic entities necessary for completing and signing local regulatory documents.

Transfer of embryos to the surrogate uterus

Developed embryos are transferred at the appropriate time to the surrogate mother’s womb. Before returning home you can choose to be present at the IVF clinic or the hospital witnessing the process in real time. Your personal liaison will then assist you with your return travel.

Full transparency pregnancy oversight

Once the fetuses have been introduced into the surrogate womb and the surrogate’s pregnancy is confirmed, we send you ongoing reports on data and events. You are kept updated on the surrogate's current condition, checkups and pregnancy tests, the sex of the fetus or fetuses, and other relevant information. Shortly before the due date, you are invited to be present at the exciting moment of the baby's arrival into the world.

Discharge from the hospital

We continue guiding you until your newborn is released from hospital. We help you move to a comfortable apartment prepared in advance, where you will find our exclusive baby care package containing items for you and your newborn. Our representatives will look after everything, enabling you to experience this exciting event in the best exciting, hassle free way possible. Services include cleaning, baby carers, and more.

Going Home!

While you enjoy your baby in our comfortable Georgia apartment, Royal Surrogacy representatives will handle the bureaucracy around returning home as a family, including a passport and documentation for your new baby.

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