Egg Donation

Egg Donation

Becoming a parent is a priceless emotion and nothing in the world can replace this beautiful feeling of holding a baby in your arms. However, there are thousands of couples out there who try in vain to conceive and often result in failed pregnancies due to any reason at all. There could be a problem with the female; she might not be producing healthy and mature eggs, have a problem with her ovaries, or not be able to complete pregnancy due to some underlying health issue. There could also be a problem with the male. In all these instances, the solution is to give artificial or assisted reproduction a try in which egg donors are typically used to receive healthy eggs that would then be used for in-vitro fertilization.

The process of selecting donor is an emotional phase for a lot of intended parents out there. For some people, ethnicity and physical appearance of the donor are the most important factors. Others may simply choose a healthy egg donor depending on her past successes in the field of surrogacy. Many other factors are also considered like age, educational background and family medical history. It is definitely one of the most important steps in surrogacy and at Royal Surrogacy we make sure you receive all the required information to make this process smooth, easy and less stressful.

The Egg Donors

Our clients get access to the complete database of egg donors, which includes their profiles with previous successful surrogacy cases. This list is provided once the initial steps have been carried out and the intended parents decide to undergo surrogacy at our clinic. The egg donors are selected based on rigorous selection criteria so that only healthy and young individuals participate in the program. They come from various countries and it is totally up to the parents to choose their own egg donor.

All our egg donors are between the ages of 21 and 29, are non-smokers, have a healthy BMI, and are emotionally strong enough to be a part of gestational surrogacy.

Our staff is also available to assist the intended parents in this emotional phase of selecting the best egg donor. They can come up with the perfect match depending on your requirements and expectations. After an egg donor has been chosen, we might perform a number of screenings to rule out any complication or other medical concern. These include complete blood count, HB, test for HIV and hepatitis B and C, follicle stimulating hormone, pelvic ultrasound, vaginal swab tests, herpes virus test, and cytomegalovirus. This screening is done to ensure the donor is in her best health condition and ready to take part in this program. We also provide the test results to the parents for review.
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