Success Rate

Success Rate

The credibility of a surrogacy agency can be arbitrated by its success rates in transferring the embryo successfully whether it is fresh or frozen. At Royal Surrogacy, our success rates are quite impressive with 66% for transferring of fresh embryo and 58% for frozen embryo. The fresh embryo transfer success rate is increased to 95% with two surrogate mothers, which is absolutely remarkable!

Surrogacy success rates are quite high, which makes it one of the best options for many couples who have been trying to conceive naturally but in vain. Many reasons can be behind infertility from problems with the female reproductive system to issues with sperm and genetic problems. More than 7 million couples in the USA alone face fertility problems due to their age, hormonal imbalances, STDs or being overweight.

The success rate is usually determined by qualified egg donors and at Royal Surrogacy we have very strict rules for choosing the best egg donors from around the globe. We offer high compensation to the donors and especially to women with Asian descent, those who are in the age range of 20 to 29 with no serious health problems and an optimum weight. The chances of finding the best match increase when these measures are properly taken and followed.

IVF or in-vitro fertilization is a stressful journey. There are a number of surrogacy and IVF procedures available out there. And since every patient is different, our success rate may fluctuate from being the best to not very favorable in some conditions. However, our qualified doctors are here to assist you throughout the procedure, give you as much information as you need, and also provide you with emotional support in case surrogacy may not be a success in your particular case.

The success rates mentioned above have been calculated after initial qualification in which the egg donor is thoroughly evaluated and the surrogate is also tested rigorously for fertility criteria. When all conditions are met, the success rate may even reach 75% in case of fresh embryo transfer, which is quite high. The latest freezing techniques also make the success rate for frozen embryo almost the same as fresh embryo. Once the surrogate mother is pregnant, the success rate increases to 95% where a normal and healthy birth of a baby is concerned.

If the sperm donor is healthy and the egg donor has prior success in donating the egg resulting in normal and successful pregnancies, nothing can come between your dreams of becoming a parent within 12 to 14 months of your first visit to Royal Surrogacy. We make sure that once all these criteria have been met, the procedure is 100% successful owing to the hard work of our qualified doctors and the wonders of Mother Nature.
Since egg donors are supposed to be young individuals, surrogacy success rate decreases when the intended mother decides to donate her own egg. Many years would already have passed in such a case making the egg donor old with a decreased chance of getting pregnant even through surrogacy. This is known as self- donation and in these cases the success rates are calculated to be around 20%. If you need more information regarding success rates, visit our clinic and we will present exact cases stating all parameters including age, weight, ethnicity, previous success cases in surrogacy and other factors to determine your chances for success.
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