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Our clinic has been functioning since 2010 and it offers the best and most recent medical equipment required for almost any type of IVF procedure. Our medical specialists offer various infertility treatments to our clients based on their medical history and failed pregnancies in the past. The procedures currently provided at our clinic include IVF or in-vitro fertilization, ICSI, the use of frozen embryos, TESA and e.t. We take pride in our international consultants that complete our team of fertility experts and help thousands of clients from all over the world to visit Georgia and make their dream of becoming a parent a reality.

Our doctors are fluent in English and would be able to communicate with you effectively. In case you have any questions regarding the surrogacy procedures, they will be happy to assist you. Making surrogacy successful is all about teamwork and it is simply not possible without the help and input of experts from different fields like embryology, anthology, and fertility specialization. Our clinic offers some of the best experts in all these fields with years of experience in their respective departments.

As time is passing, more advanced treatment and diagnostic options are being made available to couples that have been unsuccessful in conceiving so far. Our clinic offers many of these treatments to our clients from around the world. The couples are given option of free consultation so that they can put forward their concerns and receive valuable advice on their particular case.

Our superior IVF technology makes all complex infertility treatments possible including freezing of embryo or sperm, sperm analysis, and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) to treat male infertility. We understand that each and every infertility case is different and that it should be handled individually. Our medical experts provide valuable information regarding all these procedures so that the best solution could be chosen for each couple.
Most of our clients are from abroad seeking surrogacy in Georgia because of the high costs of these procedures in the USA and the rest of the world. At our clinic, our clients get access to the latest medical research and equipment without having to pay huge fees and other hidden charges. At the same time, we make sure direct communication and committed interaction takes place with the doctors to ensure a smooth, hassle-free and unambiguous surrogacy procedure. The success of a surrogacy procedure depends largely on the partnership between the patient and the specialist and without proper communication, this partnership cannot be made a reality.

The main aim behind the foundation of our clinic is to make all types of artificial reproductive techniques available to international clients at highly competitive prices. We believe that everybody, regardless of their ethnicity, race, sexual orientation or financial standing, deserves to become a parent and cuddle that bundle of joy in their arms. That is why even the most sophisticated of techniques are offered at affordable rates to make this dream a reality for most couples out there.
Our team of fertility doctors as well as embryologists and anthologists mostly comprises of young and enthusiastic individuals who are highly passionate about their work. They love bringing a smile to the face of someone who has been deprived of the pleasure of holding a baby in their arms. So, schedule your initial appointment with our clinic, have all your blood tests performed and start the journey of becoming proud parents of a beautiful baby!
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