How Does Surrogacy Work?

At Royal Surrogacy, we believe in following a definite set of steps in each and every case.  We work so that the procedure gets completed without any complication or difficulty. Since it is a hard and emotional time for the couple, our staff is always ready to offer help whenever needed.

To give you a clearer picture of what the surrogacy process entails, we’ve compiled 15 steps involved in the road to parenthood via surrogacy.

How Does Surrogacy Work?

  1. When you contact us initially, we give you free consultation offer in which you get to talk to our professional team either on phone or through Skype.
  2. You choose a surrogacy program with us and we provide all the information you might need to carry on with it.
  3. We provide you with a list of medical tests to be done so that you can have them performed by your own physician in your country and have the test results sent over to our doctors for analysis.
  4. Once our doctors confirm that you qualify for surrogacy, we send you some legal documents to sign. This is an important step and we strongly urge you to read all the legal terms and conditions of this procedure.
  5. The next step is to choose the surrogate mother or egg donor if there is a need for either of the two options.
  6. You get complete access to our database to find the best match and be completely satisfied with your choice.
  7. We perform extensive medical tests of both the surrogate mother and the egg donor to increase the chances of success.
  8. The intended parents receive medical conclusions by experts to arrive at a decision:  to carry on with the procedure or to halt it at this stage.
  9. We assign you a coordinator who will plan your trip to Georgia with you. From booking the flight to finding the hotel, escorting you to your lawyer and finally to the hospital.
  10. You arrive in Georgia for material collection signing the legal contract and meet with the surrogate mother.
  11. Embryos are transferred to the surrogate mother. This is again an important step of the process and you are required to be present in the hospital or IVF clinic to witness.
  12. You return to your homeland after that.
  13. We send you pregnancy test results once pregnancy is confirmed along with any ultrasound reports.
  14. You visit Georgia again to receive your bundle of joy before the due date.
  15. After delivery, We help you receive the birth certificate of your baby and the passport. Finally you can get back to your home country with your newborn baby.

Throughout this emotional and stressful journey of becoming a parent through surrogacy, and worries about How Does Surrogacy Work? our support is with you at all times. We arrange your meetings with the surrogate mother whenever required. We also make sure that once the surrogate mother gets pregnant, she is well taken care. With regular visits to the clinic and regular checkups to ensure that pregnancy is going well.

When you arrive in Georgia again, our assistants will accompany you to the lawyer to get all the documents. You will have legal documents including passport for the new born for a safe and hassle-free return to your home country.

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