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Royal Surrogacy an international surrogate parenting agency in Georgia offering many different surrogacy plans to people all over the world. We have the best doctors on our team with years of experience in the field and an amazing success rate. Our plans include Guaranteed Plan with unlimited in-vitro fertilization until the birth of the baby. We specialize in egg donation and choose only qualified donors who pass through rigorous criteria for being the best candidate for donation. Our success rates are quite impressive and we make sure all our clients receive sufficient information regarding surrogacy and its many benefits. At Royal Surrogacy, our aim is to bring this amazing service to a wide variety of clients regardless of their sexual orientation, financial background and ethnicity.

and make your dream of becoming a parent a reality!
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Why Choose Us?

Our fertility specialists are trained to handle all types of clients and offer personalized care to each one of them depending on their individual needs. We offer a number of fertility options designed to address various issues related to the female reproductive system, such as premature ovarian failure or diminished ovarian reserve.
Royal Surrogacy is for egg donors as well as egg recipients. We make surrogate mothers available to those who dream of holding a baby in their arms. Our egg donor program is flexible and offers complete support throughout the process. Our robust screening ensures that only qualified egg donors are selected to offer their eggs to recipients. Read More

The VIP Program

The journey of becoming a parent is emotional and full of stress especially when surrogacy is involved. We believe in making this entire process smooth and relaxing for the parents. This is where our VIP program jumps in. At Royal Surrogacy, all your problems become ours as our team works day and night to take the stress out of your life. We don’t want you to quit or give up and that is why we encourage you to go through the process at least once to make your dream of becoming a parent a reality. When you enroll in our VIP program, you get to save more than 60% of the fees that you would otherwise have to pay to third parties. Read More

Choose us to accompany you on this joyful and truly fantastic journey to parenthood. Our free consultation is open to all and our support department is available 24/7 with caring and supportive staff as well as partners.

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